Monday, 30 June 2014

New online shop

A little while ago I set up an online shop at where you'll find a selection of my limited edition artists' books.

The shop is still pretty new, so there's anything for sale that you would like more info on, then please let me know.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Being Human

This illustration was originally an etching, but had to be patched up in a few places digitally because of a few imperfections on the zinc plate.  Etching seemed the most suitable medium for producing this image because of the lovely texture that you get from it.

This was my entry for this year's Cheltenham Illustration Awards for the theme 'being human'.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

SandvikFest 2014

This illustration is for Swedish music festival SandvikFest 2014.

The music festival is in a rural location, beside a lake and some woods, and it was part of the brief to include the location in the illustration.  The image is going to be printed on fabric and had to be not too complex and drawn only in black and white.

The theme of this year's SandvikFest is flowers, and I wanted to incorporate this theme in to the image as well.   However it was a struggle to draw the foliage without any tonal areas, and below are some experiments at trying to draw detailed foliage while keeping the drawings bold:

On last year's SandvikFest illustration, I went a bit overkill with the detail and not all of it printed out clearly.  Hopefully this year's illustration will come out in full.

For more info on this year's festival, visit SandvikFest's website or SandvikFest on Twitter.