Thursday 18 November 2021

Tam O' Shanter: new artists book

I am finally able to share images from a recently completed book art project that was started long before the pandemic, a wordless paper-cut leporello book of Robert Burns' epic poem Tam O' Shanter -

The poem follows the misadventures of farmer Tam on his way home from another night in the pub and a chance encounter with a coven of witches and warlocks along the way...  

I felt that the supernatural subject matter of the poem lent itself very well to being re-told in this format, especially the chase scene, and the artwork focuses almost exclusively on the journey home from the tavern...


During the first lockdown in March 2020, I began working in a much slower way: instead of working with a combination of hand-drawn line images and Photoshop, I took the time to hand paint the entire piece.  The end result of this way of working meant that there was much more of a connection between the original ink artwork and the final cut-out piece.

This version of Tam O' Shanter is in an open edition, however each copy will have its own unique number.  It's my intention to create a limited edition version next year.

Tam O' Shanter will be available to purchase from my online shop from 
5pm on Sunday 21st November 2021

You can visit the online shop at



Thank you for looking!

Monday 8 November 2021

Thursday 3 June 2021

If printmaking papers were fictional characters...

...what would they look like? 
  A non-printmaker friend thought that the name Fabriano Rosaspina Bianco sounded more like a fictional character than a type of printmaking paper and so there was only one sensible thing to do after this conversation.  I went on to create a small cast of characters based on the names of some well-known papers found in many printrooms.  This was a fun exercise in using Photoshop a little bit more and also in hurrying on the time until we can properly return to the print studios! 

The Fabriano Rosaspinas
These papers handle all kinds of inks beautifully. They make a great impression, but can split under too much pressure

The indestructible new kid. Plike is strong stuff and can handle screenprinting, lasercutting, folding, spilt liquids and (miraculously) does not tear too easily. Just what is this paper made of?

Handles detail beautifully...
Somerset Silk, Satin and Velvet
These papers are a mystery to me, mainly because I hardly use them...


 She brings out the colour and the clarity in your aquatinted intaglio prints like no other paper can. Just what is her secret?


Wednesday 5 May 2021

New video of Nylmah

I created the short video below of my artists' book Nylmah after making the Lockdown Home Show in March this year.  Nylmah is the first artists' book whose story I devised myself, so its tale and themes feel quite special to me.

Below is the video and I hope you enjoy!  Comments or any feedback always welcome.

Youtube link -

Friday 26 March 2021

Lockdown Home Show

After a difficult year of events being cancelled and places being closed, I decided to create a temporary exhibition space at home and share it online.

Seeing as there won't be any galleries open or art fairs happening for a long time yet, I thought that making and sharing something like this would be the next best thing and would make for an interesting alternative.

Much of the work will be familiar to those of you who've been following my work for a while, but there are a couple of unseen works in progress too!

The final result was a 10 minute video and can be accessed below and at


I hope you enjoy the short video! 

Any comments or feedback in general is welcome.