Monday 27 October 2014

Nylmah - new laser cut book

Last week I finished the first copy of a new laser cut book, Nylmah, that had been a side project for some months.  The story is set in a mythical kingdom, which falls under a curse and is brought to ruin.  

There will only be thirty copies made, so if you're interested in owning one then please email me or keep an eye on my online shop - I hope to have at least one or two copies for sale online at some point in the next six weeks. 

The book can be opened and displayed like a concertina book. But the hardback covers can also be folded back on themselves and can sit under the laser cut paperwork, and the book takes on more of a sculptural look - 


  1. Argh, your work makes me inarticulate...this looks amazing! I love that you've taken the photos at different angles too, so that we really get a feel of looking into the butchers shop (I think it is?) or looking down a street and up at the people on the bridge.

  2. Thanks! It was fun to photograph this, especially with the lighting and with trying to show off the smaller scenes at the base of the book.

  3. It is fascinating how the state of the art technologies have not only helped to find the Erebus and to scan it but they are also helping you to build a model of the ship ten times faster than least as for the hull. I guess that the printer couldn´t help you too much with the rigging.

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