Monday, 7 February 2011

More new work

Charcoal drawings, characters, etchings and other imagery.

Below are some prints from an etching, based on Edinburgh's Old Town. At first this was an experiment in drawing the Cowgate area in Edinburgh as a gothic labyrinth, but soon turned into a tonal exercise. I discovered that removing all the ink from the areas on the print I wanted to keep light, and leaving the darker areas more inky resulted in the finished print looking more dark and atmospheric:

Below is an experiment drawing in putty rubber on a charcoal surface, drawing only the highlighted areas.

Here are more characters and a rough idea for a sequence:

This is an idea for one of the main turning points in the graphic novel, where our (anti) hero elopes with his employer's only daughter. The elopement caused a rift between bridegroom and father-in-law for some years:

I'm not sure that this image scanned in so well, so I've included a couple of close-ups.

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