Friday, 9 May 2014

Work in progress - Lermontov's 'The Demon'

I'm almost finished an interesting new commission and can now release this image from it.

A new translation of Mikhail Lermontov's epic poem The Demon will be published this year, translated from the original Russian text in to Scots.  The new publication will coincide with Lermontov's bicentenary.

I was asked to produce black and white illustrations to accompany the text.  Sadly I can't share all the illustrations just now, but here's one that I've been permitted to let loose on the blog for now...

Character sketches - 


  1. Into Scots? Now that is verrry interesting. I work in a museum with Scots language text labels. Will definitely look out for the book when it's eventually in the shops. Love the illustration - very 'gothic grandeur' ...

  2. Thanks! I'll share more images from the book when it's finished :)