Monday 9 May 2022

Artists' Bookmarket 2022 at the Fruitmarket Gallery


The Fruitmarket Gallery Presents: 
Artists' Bookmarket 2022

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May 2022
Open 10:00 - 1800 on Saturday and 10:00 - 17:00 Sunday
* Free entry *
Next weekend, Edinburgh's Fruitmarket Gallery will hold this year's Artists' Bookmarket for another two days of workshops, talks and the opportunity to see and buy work from exhibiting artists.  Edinburgh’s annual celebration of artists’ book culture is held for the first time in tandem with Edinburgh Zine Library who will be bringing their first Zine Festival to Fruitmarket’s Warehouse space. The event runs over two busy weekend days with stalls laid out to showcase a wide array of work. 

I will be exhibiting with much of the work pictured below, alongside many other participants - for the full list of this year's stallholders visit  A full list of the talks and workshops happening over the weekend can be found below.

Hopefully see some of you there next weekend!



SATURDAY 14.05.22

Workshop: Edinburgh Zine Library, Zine Fever: Exploring the History of Zines
Studio. 12 places. Ages 16+. Book via Eventbrite
Focusing on exploring themes in the stories we tell.

Workshop: Marion Archibald: Introduction to Book-Making
Information Room. 10 places. Ages 14+. £20+BF. Book via Eventbrite
Introduction to basic techniques of book making: folded and cut books, sewn pamphlets and creating a hard cover for a folded book. By the end of the workshop you will have a selection of simple books to take away and templates for future use.

Talk: Adam Geary: A Photobook Journey
Studio. Free.
Geary has been publishing photobooks featuring his own work and that of other photographers for over 10 years. With over 35 photobooks under his belt, Geary will take you through his approach to publishing with inspirations for how you might make your own books.

Workshop: Ciarrai Samson: Letterlocking Workshop
Information Room. 12 places. Adults and 8+. £12+BF. Book via Eventbrite
A brief overview of letterlocking, the historical practice of folding or cutting to secure a letter without an envelope, introduces six different letterlocking techniques, each using a single sheet of paper, with no glue or scissors.

Talk: C.A. Hiley & Cé Simonis: How We Make Our Work
Studio. Free.
Storytellers and self-publishers, the artists share how they use their riso-machine and printmaking knowledge to create unusual visual narratives that are accessible to a broad public.


Workshop: Lucy Roscoe: A Garden in a Book
Information Room. 10 places. Adults. £16+BF. Book via Eventbrite
Create your very own garden using the book form of a compound concertina. Building on a classic pamphlet stitch you will learn some practical bookmaking skills that can easily be done at home, then explore how the complex concertina form can be manipulated to create beautiful results. Along the way we will discuss colour, texture, papers and why we make books.

Talk: David Faithfull: (W)ORD Ebbe + Flow Project
Studio. Free.
Faithfull discusses his collaborative project with Norwegian-based artist Imi Maufe. In a travelling exhibition 9 artists have an individual drawer in a specially designed chest, which opens to reveal sculptures, drawings, prints, video and artefacts to fill the space in any sized gallery, ferry, barn or other unusual exhibition space. An artist’s book accompanies the project.

SUNDAY 15.05.22

11am – 12.15pm
Workshop: Edinburgh Zine Library.
Choose Your Own Adventure: (Re)telling Scottish Myths and Legends
Studio. Ages 12+ (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).
Book via Eventbrite
Brian from Stout Stoat Press will guide you through making a Choose Your Own Adventure zine – drawing inspiration from classic myths and legends.

Workshop: Elaine Robson: Three Spines
Information Room. 12 places. Adults and 12+. £5+BF. Book via Eventbrite
If a book can be considered a form that collects and conveys information, how does the binder sequence that information and what happens when the reader can change the page order? Three different folded paper structures that need no glue or stitching to hold loose pages, postcards or prints.

Workshop: Kerry Douglas: Coptic Binding
Information Room. 10 places. Ages 14+. £20+BF. Book via Eventbrite
Learn the intricate technique of ‘Coptic’ binding, also known as the ‘link stitch’ and come away with your own beautifully handbound A6 book that lays open flat and is easy to write or sketch in. Using traditional tools, participants will focus on grain direction of paper, attaching covers and the main focus will be on learning the coptic stitch.


Talk: RUHUMAN – Keith Armstrong’s Typewriter Art
Studio. Free.
Barrie Tullett introduces the meticulous typewriter art of artist and disability rights activist Keith Armstrong, celebrated in a new publication from The Caseroom Press.

Talk: David Henningham: Foulness – a novel in three editions
Studio. Free.
The Henningham Family Press’s innovative split editions divide their print run between paperback and hand-finished editions, so that the same books which find homes in museum collections are also accessible through high street book shops. Publisher David Henningham shares how he applied his experience of presenting the same material across different editions to the publication of his novel Foulness which describes the uncanny island of Foulness in Essex.

Workshop: Rachel Ashenden & Molly Gilroy (The Debutante): Surrealist Collage
Information Room. 10 places. All ages. £5+BF. Book via Eventbrite
Unleash your inner child by creating new worlds with fragments of materials. You’ll be given a brief history of surrealist collage, receive collage prompt, and be guided through making your own collage creation.

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