Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Resurrectionists II

The Resurrectionist books were made from an etching, then the prints were cut out, folded up and stuck together. The story is meant to be read left to right, starting with Victorian policemen (with lanterns and riding penny farthings) on the hunt for graverobbers. Most of the action is in the centre of the plate, with figures digging in a kirkyard and dragging bodies through the narrow closes and staircases. The final scene should have included a hanging of some convicted bodysnatchers, but I ran out of space on the plate...

This is a scan of half of the print. (A lot of the ink is still left on the plate before it gets put through the press)

Below is a picture of the whole book folded out. More books will be made for the Bristol Artists Book Event at the end of April 2011...

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