Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Allen Upward "The Mermaid"

And now for something completely different...

'The sailor boy who leant over the side of the Junk of Many Pearls, and combed the green tresses of the sea with his ivory fingers, believing that he had heard the voice of a mermaid, cast his body down between the waves.
by Allen Upward

Top: collograph plate
Below: collograph print, blue and black ink

A few months ago I took out a poetry collection on imagist poetry. All of them are great material for illustration, but Allen Upward's short peice of prose stuck with me. I ended up using it as inspiration in a collograph workshop we did a few weeks ago.

It's great to just take a break from the MA project and experiment with new mediums like this, even though at this point in the year I really don't have the time anymore!

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